Environmental Art Project.

Program dates:
22 November – 04 December 2021


Throw away the toys that pollute the environment!
For a green future!

Children and teenagers are invited to dispose to Tulla – Culture Center their toys that pollute the environment (cars, trucks, helicopters, etc.).

From 22.11 until 04.12.2021, the Tulla’s Gallery space will be dedicated to children to illustrate on the floor and walls their imagination of a green future, as well as to hand over their toys with which the sculpture “A is for the (A)nvironment” will be produced.

This work will be a permanent installation at Tulla – Culture Center.

Working hours:
Monday – Friday: 09:00 – 17:00,
Saturday: 11:00 – 15:00

A is for the (A)nvironment is supported by
American Bank of Investments.


Inspired by the global warming impact and recent COP26, this project aims to make the children aware of the environment and our impact on the nature. Kids are invited to bring their toys at Tulla – Culture Center and to produce a permanent, site specific, public installation.
At the same time they are invited to use their illusion and draw on the walls and the floor of the gallery their vision of a green future. – Alban Nimani – Director at Tulla – Culture Center


Kids, age: 3 – 14 years old


  • Bring your kid and his toys that pollute the planet (cars, trucks, helicopters etc) and let him enjoy drawing on the floor and the walls of the gallery.


For more details feel free to contact us at:

Please note we are planning for several eventualities in relation to the global pandemic which will evolve in relation to guidance on social distancing.


See you soon!