Tulla – Learning Program:
Youth skills development through New Media

Program dates:
04 December 2020 – 18 December 2020
Aplication deadline:
23 October 2020

Free by application

Intensive course on
Recording and Music Production

Tulla – Culture Center for a duration of two weeks will become a residence and a testing ground for music recording, editing, mixing and production.

An intensive course on Music Production and Contemporary Music.

This program is aimed at students, musicians and young professionals operating in music production, songwriting and live performance.

Participants will have an opportunity to explore a wide range of recording, editing, producing skills using computer applications and instruments in order to gain skills and knowledge various music expressions.

This regional and interdisciplinary project is the first instalment of the Tulla – Educational Program, focused on music production. We welcome young musicians and young professionals operating in wide area of music genres, from experimental music to jazz, hip-hop and electronic music. We extend invitation to all those interested in music career.


The program is designed as a set of short courses, lectures, workshops and lab-work.

Lectures are held at the spaces of Tulla – Culture Center, where participants learn how to build a home studio, create and shape sounds with effects and processing, experiment with synthesized sounds, digital vs. analog synths, create beats, mix tracks, mastering, on applications Ableton, Logic Pro and Pro Tools.

Participants will have access on the TullaNoiseLab resources: Sound Cards, Midi Keyboards, Synthesizers, Microphones, Sound System, Mixer etc.


Dritero Nikqi – is an active part of the alternative music scene in Prishtina. After the war he founded and was a member of the bands and projects such as Por-no, Ambasadi, Retrovizorja. Mid 2000, Dritero Nikqi founded Studio C, where he produced and engineered most of his projects, whilst lecturing on Guerrilla Recording and doing freelance work outside Kosova. In the last decade he wrote sound art, sound installations, sound design and music for documentaries, feature films and audio books. An avid fan of table tennis.

Toton – Driton Pllana is a creative and dynamic Music Producer – Sound Engineer, based in Prishtina, Kosovo. Toton attended The University of Westminster in London, UK where he was awarded the Master of Arts degree in Audio Production. He has diverse technical knowledge and keen interest in new technology developments, he is proficient in use of analogue and digital multimedia recording and sound applications.


We welcome students, musicians and young professionals operating in the field of music production, songwriting as well as live performance.

We will invite successful candidates to participate in 14 days intensive program which will take place at Tulla – Culture Center, in Tirana.

This is a regional call for applicants from Kosovo and North Macedonia.

Organizers will cover travel and accommodation expenses for participants that will travel to Tirana.


  • Personal laptop Mac or Windows operating system.
  • Mac OS Applications: Ableton Live, Logic pro X
  • Windows Applications: Ableton Live, Pro Tools or Pro Tools first.


Deadline for sending applications:
23rd October 2020
Announcement of the results:
26th October 2020
For more details feel free to contact us at:

Please note we are planning for several eventualities in relation to the global pandemic which will evolve in relation to guidance on social distancing.

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